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TMSS NGO Job Circular 2021 | ১৭৯৬ পদে টিএমএসএস এর নতুন নিয়োগ বিজ্ঞপ্তি প্রকাশ

NGO Job Circular, NGO refers to non-governmental organizations, and just like its name suggests, it doesn’t rely on any government or international constituency to function. However, it may heavily depend on the contributions of volunteers for their procedures. Civil citizens, any community can form NGOs on the ground of their humanitarian or environmental moralities.

At present, the total number of NGOs registered with the NGO Bureau in Bangladesh is 2,346. The number of manpower working in these organizations is more than seven lakh. Apart from this, the number of unregistered NGOs is also not less, huge people are also working there.


tmss ngo job circular
tmss ngo job circular


NGO Job Circular 2021

Post vacancy: 1796

Application last date: 31-03-2021

see the circular below

NGO Job Circular 2021

Application last date: 27-03-2021

See the BRAC all Job Circular: Click here

see the circular below

NGO Job Circular 2021

Post vacancy: 950

Application last date: 11-03-2021

Mail your CV:

see the circular below

NGO Job Circular Bangladesh 2021

Non Government Organization Job Details and apply process

You can apply complete by follow the circular rules so you need to read the circular carefully. All of the application process instruction and mailing address circular give details.
Why Should You Choose This Sector?

If you want to boost your employable skills as well as make an impact on the society you live in by your works, NGOs are an ideal place for you to work. NGOs require skills that can help you grow in your career life and let you work. On a matter you’re genuinely passionate about. Additionally, you are growing your network while working for an NGO by meeting various influential people. You are associating people who have the same goal as you or sometimes different from you, which helps you see the whole picture of life from a different standpoint. Eventually, you are developing the leadership skills that enable you to move further in life. In the end, when you learn that your works are offering a better tomorrow is the life satisfaction we all need.
Different work areas

In this country, NGOs mainly deal with reproductive health care, health awareness, education, fundamental rights, sanitation, arsenic, HIV / AIDS, women, human rights, children, ethnic minorities, microcredit, natural disaster management, and the impact of climate change. In that case, there are no fixed rules for studying in order to get a job in other fields except for a few prescribed posts. NGOs have a number of thematic sections. These include research, development, projects, education, health and nutrition departments, human resource development departments, accounting departments, etc. The ability to work on one subject is different.

In the land of field work, degree holders in sociology, social welfare, anthropology, public administration, economics. Development studies, women’s studies, political science, etc. get more predominance. In the case of research, history, Bengali, English, psychology, geography and ecology are more important. Commerce faculty students get priority. For the NGO’s own accounting department and microfinance activities. Demand for BBA and MBA degrees in administration, human resource development and management is high. In addition, there are opportunities for doctors and engineers to work in a few special cases.
Additional qualifications and mental preparation

RumenaZaman, Human Resource Manager of Oxfam in Bangladesh, said that an employee working in any NGO has to work spontaneously for the welfare of the people. As a result, it is very important to have one’s own will and service mentality in this case. You have to be mentally prepared to work in remote and inaccessible areas all the time. In addition to studies, qualities such as being able to interact easily with people, the ability to understand others, patience, present intelligence, development work experience, creativity, dedication, linguistic skills, technical ideas, responsibility and adaptability to change are prevalent.
Recruitment process

There are basically two types of recruitment in NGOs — permanent and project-based. In addition, there are part-time jobs and internship opportunities. Project-based works are mainly contract-based. Some manpower is recruited for these activities throughout the year. Apart from this permanent staff. Newspapers and online advertisements are given for the recruitment of news staff. Most organizations post recruitment notices on their websites. Written and oral examinations are taken before final appointment.
Salary structure and facilities

The pay structure in good NGOs is quite attractive. In addition to the salary, there are medical allowances, maternity leave and opportunities to travel abroad. There are special allowances for field work.
The Final Verdict

We have put together the top circular published by these NGOs’ authorities—a summary of the most wanted and renowned companies’ job circular given for your interest. Please survey the official website for more insight like the deadline, earnings, extra conditions.

The circular put out here. If you are eligible for the post, apply to the email or address, we anticipate getting what you wished for. You can be one of the privileged people if you have some specific skills that differ from company to company. Undoubtedly, NGOs are the ideal place and a dream workplace because of the opportunities and benefits.

Additionally, you can be a part of the whole NGO family that contributes so much to our country’s economy. So check out the top job circular we have put here. Eventually, it can benefit you to an incredible breadth.


TMSS NGO Job Circular 2021
TMSS NGO Job Circular 2021




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